What is the Difference Between Lord and Laird?

Have you ever seen Lord and Laird on a list of titles and wondered what is the difference? Rest assured that you are not alone. Often used interchangeably, the terms can become mixed, and the definitions blurred. But here we will outline once and for all, ‘what is the difference between Lord and Laird?’.

Let’s Start with Lord

The more common of the two, the term Lord is seen and utilised much more in day-to-day life. With several meanings, there are many reasons why the term Lord is used but generally, it refers to someone with great power. This could be a nobleman or someone in high office. It could be a baron, viscount, earl, duke, or marquis in the British peerage. It could be someone who sits in the House of Lords. It could relate to a family name and the Lord title being passed down through generations.

With several definitions, it can be hard to determine the reasons behind the Lord title when you meet for the first time. But to put it simply, Lord is an English title that refers to a person of noble rank and is not always linked to the ownership of land.

So What About Laird?

While the Lord title is associated more with family, Laird is commonly associated with land. A Scottish term, it’s often considered to be the Scottish equivalent of Lord, but the definitions are, in fact, different. A person who owns a large estate has the right to take on the Laird title. This could be through an individual purchase or inheritance and is not associated with nobility or peerage.

This means that the Laird title is easier to obtain and is more accessible for all. In effect, the right to use the Laird title can be acquired simply by purchasing a piece of a Scottish estate.

Where is the Connection?

The terms are often interlinked because, in English, the Laird title simply does not exist. The nearest translation of such would be Lord or Lady. So if you have acquired the title of Laird in Scotland through the purchase of a piece of land on an estate, you can utilise the Lord or Lady title elsewhere. Of course, this won’t make you a member of the peerage or give you any influence or power, but you can show off the title freely among friends and family.

Would You Like to Become a Lord?

Having the right to use the Lord title in England, whether linked with any real power or not, would bring confidence like no other. And it couldn’t be easier to obtain. With Scotland Titles, you can become a Laird in Scotland by purchasing as little as one square foot of land in Scotland. And the best part? You can obtain the Laird title from anywhere in the world without even needing to step foot in Scotland. Want to learn more? Get in touch today.



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