Scottish Title Pack with Land Ownership

Become the proud owner of your very own plot of land in the breathtaking wilderness of the Kingdom of Fife! Your land ownership enables you to receive the title of Lord or Lady – so you can live your aristocratic fantasy and be treated with dignity and respect everywhere you go!

    • Official Title of Lord, Lady or Laird
    • Real Plot Of Land In The Kingdom of Fife
    • Digital Certificates Of Land Ownership
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    • Fast & FREE Worldwide Shipping


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Here’s what you’ll receive in your gift pack:
  • Official Title Of Lord, Lady Or Laird
  • Official Certificate Of Land Ownership In Scotland
  • Master Deed Title To Legally Change Your Personal Documents (If You Choose To)
  • Your Own Plot Of Land By The Majestic Blairadam Forest, Kingdom Of Fife
  • Scottish Nobility Lord, Lady Or Laird Handbook
  • Heritage Map With Visitor Information & Coordinates To Your Estate
  • Exclusive Access To Our Lord, Lady Or Laird Online Community
  • Certificate Of Tree Planting
  • All beautifully presented and carefully packed with FREE worldwide shipping!
  • Join Scotland’s elite class and become a Lord or Lady today – treat yourself or your loved one to this truly unique gift they’ll never forget!
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Typically delivered to your email within 24 hours.

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Shipped in 5-7 working days by fully tracked courier service.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee refund policy on all physical products, except of course items which we have engraved or personalised for you, unless they’re faulty. Digital products (intangibles) cannot be returned, so cannot be refunded.

Can I refer to myself as a Lord or Lady?

Yes, our title packs are based on a historic Scottish land ownership custom where landowners have been long referred to as "Lairds", the Scottish term for "Lord", with the female equivalent being "Lady". Most jurisdictions will allow you to update your title when you choose to do so.

Do I need to be of a certain nationality in order to buy a title pack?

No, you do not - our title packs are available to all nationalities and ages.

Can I use the titles of Lord or Lady on my documents?

Yes, you are able to change your title on documents in most instances. We provide a Master Title Deed (Deed Poll) to help you change your name to include your new title on your important documents.

Can I buy the title pack for someone else?

Yes - all we require is their name.

Do I have to pay tax on the land?

No - there is no land tax in Scotland. You do not need to take out any insurance, the Estate is already insured.

Can I choose my plot number?

Plots are numbered consecutively and assigned automatically; unfortunately we are unable to guarantee or assign a specific plot number.

How will my digital certificate be sent to me?

Your personalized digital certificate will typically be emailed to you within a few hours or your order being received, however please allow up to 24 hours. You can print this out and display this as you wish.

What are souvenir plots?

The plots of land themselves are recognised and referred to as 'souvenir plots' in Scotland. Souvenir plots are too small to be registered with the Scottish Land Registry directly, so this saves the expense usually associated with buying property. We provide you with a legally enforceable Contract of Sale, and maintain our own private records of all land owners within our estate.

Where are our souvenir plots?

Souvenir plots for our Title Packs are located in our estate in Cantsdam, by Blairadam Forest in the Kingdom of Fife. The estate is within a tranquil and secluded area with a natural wild habitat.

Preserving Scotland’s Woodlands

Every Lordship or Ladyship title pack contributes to the maintenance of our woodland area in Scotland. As the intention is for the land to be kept in its natural state, we ask that all interested parties do bear this in mind. It is unlikely you would ever get consent from the local council to build on your land.

We are not selling a noble title or peerage

Nobody can sell you a noble title or peerage, not us or anyone else. When you buy a pack from us, you become a Scottish landowner, and can choose to then call yourself a Scottish Laird, or its nearest English translation equivalent of Lord or Lady, along with the location of your land. We provide you with paperwork and guidance documents to help you use your new title, via Deed Poll. As far as we know, these are accepted almost everywhere in the world.

14-Day Refund Policy

The intention of these packs is to provide a fun, novelty product for those who want to purchase something a little different for themselves, their friends or their family. We offer a 14 day no-nonsense refund policy on all physical products, except of course items which we have engraved or personalised for you, unless they’re faulty. Digital products (intangibles) cannot be returned, so cannot be refunded. 

For more information please email us at

It was the BEST GIFT EVER for my boss! She loved it and now my family wants me to purchase this for them as well! Thanks so much!

Tania Lange
| Verified Review

My kids gave us the best gift!! Looking forward to visiting Scotland!

Steven Kris Keele
| Verified Review

My daughter asked me what I wanted to do with my ashes when I die. I said I wasn’t fussy so what she did was to purchase one of your plot lands for me for my birthday being in my eighties. So now that I am a laird, I said that she can fly to Scotland and put me in the land of my birth. Great return!

David Chalmers
| Verified Review

I was given this gift last Christmas, cant wait to get back and take a picture standing on my square of Scotland. If the small contribution can help preserve the history and restore a castle or landmark then well worth it

Diane Luper Cupp
| Verified Review

I bought this for my husband because he and I love Scotland so much. He loves it a ton and even if its only meant to conserve land or help restore a landmark, that’s good enough for us. A little fun with having a “title” seems like a fair trade.

Melissa Ord
| Verified Review

My brother gave this to everyone in our family this Christmas. We had so much fun with it! Thinking of visiting our spot when COVID is all over.

Nancy Noble DeGuire
| Verified Review

Bought this for my husband’s birthday. He looked up the coordinates on Google map and saw his “land”. Its a great deal. We plan on going one day to see it.

Lori Beucler
| Verified Review

My children gave this to me for Christmas. I’m thrilled! And my wee piece has a tree. Love the thoughts.

Laurel Sharp
| Verified Review

My husband got this for me for Christmas. I started crying when I realized what a lovely thing he had done. The money goes toward conservation efforts.

Deb Meyer
| Verified Review

My son gave my husband and I our own plot of land for Christmas. We do have the right to be called Lord and Lady now. It really was kind of cool. Some day I hope to go over and visit it.

Debby McEntire Claxton
| Verified Review

I did this for my grandma and she loved it!

Jimmy Minter
| Verified Review

I’m a land lord already.

Jonathan Carranza
| Verified Review

Got mine and love it. Might go there someday and build a miniature house on it.

Carl Brownell
| Verified Review

I can’t wait for Christmas to give this great present to my children. Thank you so much Scotland Titles for the great service.

Marg Anderson
| Verified Review

I got a refund from the other company and ordered yours.

Linda Jean
| Verified Review

I purchased one for my father, he has everything he wants so is hard to buy gifts for, hopefully he will like it.

Karen Chapman-Wilson
| Verified Review

Did this for Chris Cox for Christmas. Now Lord Chris. They even plant a tree.

Deborah Tracy Simpkins Dev
| Verified Review

Got mine for Christmas… love it!!

Jason Scott Crawford
| Verified Review

So I got my brother and his wife this for his wedding present. Never know what to get him. It’s very cool and just picked up another one for Devi and I.

Tom Thompson
| Verified Review

Thank you for everything. Will definitely refer your service.

David Bernard
| Verified Review

We received ours and LOVE this gift!

Carol Lemos
| Verified Review

It works. My son in law is now a Lord and we will be relocating the Clan to His Estate and Castle.

Rodger Retzer
| Verified Review

My daughter gave me this gift for Christmas and it really is perfect.

Beth Brewster
| Verified Review

I’ve got a piece of land too, for my birthday!

Yvonne Tuttle
| Verified Review

I love mine-it was my early Mother’s Day gift

Addie Bepler
| Verified Review

I already am a Lady of a little plot in the Highlands & very proud of it. It was gifted to me by my son. I am from the Clan Ogilvie & very proud of that fact also. I am a proud Australian Scot.

Heather Stevens
| Verified Review

My husband and son in law got this for Christmas. They have a declaration document, which our daughter had frame for them. So cool.

Colleen Ann Grant
| Verified Review

My husband was given a plot of land by his daughter. It comes with a certificate and the title Laird. I guess that makes me Lady Holborn!

Cathee Strano Holborn
| Verified Review

Our daughter bought hubby and I a little piece of land each for our birthday in 2011. We have a card each stating that we are entitled to be called Lady and Lord (or Laird) of Glencoe. Comes with titles and everything.

Pam N Foss
| Verified Review

Become The Proud Owner Of A Real Piece Of Land In The Beautiful Scottish Wilderness

When you purchase a Scottish Title Pack, you’ll become the proud new owner of a real plot of land just outside the majestic Blairadam Forest, located in the Kingdom of Fife. This is a real plot of land you can visit, enjoy a picnic on, and take in the breathtaking wilderness of Scotland!

You can even show your friends where your plot of land is located on Google Maps. Plus, you can pass the Land Title onto future generations in your family – a proud tradition that signifies your special connection to this wonderful country!

  • Own a Plot of Land in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland

  • Find your Land on Google Maps

Be Treated With The Respect That’s Typically Reserved For Royals And Society’s Elite

Our Title Packs are based on an historic Scottish tradition, where landowners are called ‘Laird’ as a sign of respect (which can be translated as Lord or Lady in English). By purchasing your Title Pack, you’ll become a real-life Lord or Lady and can use the title everywhere you go!

You can even change identity documents like your driver’s license, bank accounts and credit card statements to reflect your new status. Your title will be recognized worldwide – so you can enjoy a genuine sense of importance wherever you go!

  • Make your Loved One a Real-Life Lord or Lady

  • Unforgettable Gift Option

Delight Your Loved Ones With A Genuine, One-Of-A-Kind Gift They’ll Cherish Forever

Want a truly unforgettable gift your friends and family will love? Then give them their very own souvenir plot of land in Scotland – so they can receive the official title of Lord or Lady!

Whether they have Scottish ancestors, enjoy watching period dramas or simply want to feel like a VIP, our Title Packs make the perfect present. You’ll have a ball watching your loved one open their unique gift and see their face light up with amazement and joy. The only downside? You’ll have to refer to them as Lord or Lady from now on!

  • Plant a Tree in your Name

  • Keep your Land Remain Untouched by Developers

These New Scottish Landowners Have Just Been Bestowed Lords And Ladies…


Includes Fast & FREE Worldwide Shipping

Visit Your Own Piece Of Scotland, Nestled Among The Rugged Beauty Of The Kingdom Of Fife

Our Title Packs give you the chance to hold a piece of land in the stunning wilderness of the Kingdom of Fife – a natural haven rich in flora and fauna, and an area of peace and tranquility.

This is a real plot of land you will hold the title to – you can even see the land for yourself on Google Maps. Or, if you’re ready for a truly unforgettable adventure, you’re welcome to come and visit anytime! You can experience a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to the heart of Scotland, enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature, and take pictures on a beautiful piece of land you own!

Your Purchase Will Help Preserve The Natural Beauty Of Scotland, For Decades To Come

Securing your own plot of land will not only enable you to receive the title of Lord or Lady – it will also support conservation efforts in the area. We plant a tree with every purchase. This makes a positive contribution to the environment and helps preserve the breathtaking wilderness of the Kingdom of Fife. 

Dividing ownership among hundreds of people also ensures this stunning land can remain untouched by developers. You’ll help keep the natural splendor of Scotland intact, for decades to come!

  • Help Preserve The Wilderness of Kingdom of Fife

  • Your Land Remains Untouched By Developers

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Julie Sampson
Wonderful Gift!

My daughter purchased these as a gift for an anniversary gift! Very unique abd awesome!

Kathryn Wahlstrom
The perfect gift

My very dear family member, now Lady Delores, will be the recipient of her new title and plot of Scottish land on her 90th birthday. I know she will be thrilled and I shall encourage the entire family to refer to her, from that day forward, as Lady Delores.

Michael Snyder

Scottish Title Pack with Land Ownership

Denise Kerr-DeCatur
Lady Kerr-Decatur

I'm excited to better understand what exactly I have. I cannot wait to open the package and read all about the land ownership.

Unique Graduation Gift

We gave this to our daughter as one of her high school graduation gifts. She loves it! Shipping was quick and it was really neat to look up the piece of land on Google maps. Would definitely recommend!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee on all physical products. If you’re not totally satisfied with your order or simply change your mind, we will refund you the full purchase price, including your original shipping costs!

Please note: digital products (intangibles) cannot be returned, and are therefore unable to be refunded.


Includes Fast & FREE Worldwide Shipping

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