How to Become a Lord

Do You Want to Know How to Become a Lord or Lady?

If you have ever dreamt of being able to legally change your title to lord or lady, you may have simply presumed that it isn’t possible without having a peerage or being a member of the landed aristocracy. But the truth is that absolutely anyone can become a lord or lady, and the process does not have to be a difficult, long-winded, or expensive one.

In fact, all you have to do to become a lady or lord is buy land in Scotland. All Scottish landowners are granted the honorary title ‘Laird’, which is a unisex title that roughly translates as ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ in English. The title is entirely legitimate and internationally recognised.

Whilst you may expect that owning your own portion of the Highlands in order to acquire this prestigious title is likely to be out of your budget, you will be pleased to discover that this is not the case. At Scotland Titles, we’ve worked with Scottish landowners to help them divide up small portions of their estates to sell at affordable prices as ‘Souvenir Plots’ to prospective lords and ladies. They can be purchased on our site within the budget of a standard novelty gift you might buy for a friend or family member.

Buy Land in Scotland and Legally Become a Laird Today

At Scotland Titles, we provide a comprehensive laird and lady gift pack that provides you with everything you need to acquire and proudly display your new title. After you have purchased your small plot of land, you will receive a certificate (within 24 hours of the purchase) which will have your own name or the name of the recipient, along with the new title of lord or lady. A physical copy of this certificate can also be provided to display proudly on your wall for an additional cost of just $30.

You will also have information about the exact location of the estate on which your plot is located, as well as your plot number so you can find it if you do choose to make a visit to the area in the future. The plot is 100% your own property and it can be passed on to someone else in your will just like all other property. Furthermore, there are no ongoing costs associated with ownership – the price you pay to purchase it is totally one-off.

Order Your Certificate Online or Get in Touch to Learn More

You can find out more information about becoming a Scottish laird and acquiring your very own plot of land in the Highlands by getting in touch with a member of our friendly team today. We are always happy to offer any help and assistance we can. If you prefer, you can also simply use our convenient online store to place your order and make your payment right away, and your certificate will be in your inbox in a matter of hours.



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