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Can I visit the land?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so. The land is located in a beautiful and tranquil estate in Caithness, Scottish Highlands. The street address where the plots of land are located is;

Olgrinmore East Woodland, Olgrinmore, Scotscalder, Halkirk, Highland, Scotland KW12 6XJ.

The plots are located between the B870 road and the River Thurso.

Google Maps coordinates are 58.475063 , -3.540708

X Easting 310220 , Y Northing 955217

Ordinance Survey 10 Figure Grid Reference ND 10222 55221

What can I do to enjoy the land?

As a new Laird of Olgrinmore, you can come to visit and find your land. You can take a walk on the land, take photographs, picnic and enjoy the tranquility. Dogs are welcome provided they're kept under control and well behaved, and children are also very welcome. You will be able to enjoy bird watching, dog walking, watching the river, enjoying the trees, and lots of tranquillity. You are welcome to plant a tree, leave a painted rock or wooden sign, or scatter ashes. You may not run any type of commercial service from your land. Vehicular access is not permitted, only pedestrian access isallowed.

How will I know which plot is mine?

We define the estate using the UK Ordnance Survey system. The location of each plot is unique, and maintain a register. Even using a professional surveyor it may be impossible to precisely locate the smallest plots. You may use an online service such as Google Maps (Latitude & Longitude Grid like GPS – as printed on your certificate) or Grid Reference Finder (uses OS grid). The physical location of each plot is not marked on the ground, though we do not object to you marking it once you have found it. We believe that a wood carpeted with many markers or signs would be unattractive and impractical.

Can I bring something to leave on my land as a marker?

Many Lairds enjoy leaving a marker on their land, however we ask that only biodegradable items are brought.  Of course, if you want to bring a flag or other item for inclusion ni a photo then that's allowed, but please take it with you when you leave.

Are there any ongoing costs to worry about?

Your purchase through our website constitutes a single payment, with nothing more to pay at all. The land will then be yours forever, and able to be passed down to your heirs, with no future payments ever needed.  In Scotland there are no taxes either.

Can I buy a Title Pack as a gift for a friend or relative?

Yes, of course, many of the packs we sell are intended as gifts. When you place your order you will need to fill in the details of the recipient in the box provided. This can be any name that you like, but we do encourage you to tell us their full name and preferred title, e.g. Lord Cameron McDonald. You can have this shipped directly to the recipient if you wish, we do not provide any cost or invoice details with our packs.

Is there a minimum  age?

No, there is no minimum age. Anyone can place an order, and be the recipient of a Title Pack.


If I order more than onle piece of land, can they be beside each other?

Yes they can be, so long as they are the same size and you order them at the same time. We allocate plots in a  sequential row, so if you order at different times we cannot place them beside each other.

What shall I do if I change my name or get married?

Simply contact us to request a reissue of documents, there are printed packs available to purchase via our website.

Can my land be registered in my name?

We sell small parcels of land which are specifically idesignated as “souvenir plots”. ‘Souvenir’ plots of land have been sold in Scotland for a very long time, the sale of which falls under the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 (formerly the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979). This act specifically excludes small souvenir plots of land to be added to the Land Register, due to their limited use. So you will not be able to register your ownership with the Scottish Land Registry, however details of your plot of land are recorded in a Register of Land maintained by Scotland Titles, and your certificate proves your ownership.

Can I pass my Land and Title to my heirs in my will?

Yes, this is an inheritable asset. You can leave your certificate to anyone, and the rights to the land and title will pass to them once they inherit. Your heir can request that we reissue the documents in their name, please contact us to discuss.

How can you sell me a noble title or peerage?

We cannot sell you a noble title or peerage, nobody can. We are simply allowing you to become a Scottish landowner, and as such you have the right to use the title of Laird, or its nearest English equivalent of Lord or Lady, along with the location of your land. In Scotland, anyone can, in good faith, call themselves whatever they like. We are not aware of any jurisdiction where this is not true, and we provide you with paperwork and guidance documents to help you use your new title.

How large are the Plots

The Ordnance Survey, the UK mapping system, is metric and so are our plots.

Often land is measured per square foot. A square foot is part of the old Imperial Measurement System which was used in Scotland until 1965 when the Metric System was adopted.

1 square meter is 100cm x 100cm, or 10.764 square foot

1 square foot is 1 foot x 1 foot (30cm x 30cm)

10 square foot is 3.16ft x 3,16ft (94.8cm x 94.8cm)

100 square foot is 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m)

1000 square foot is 31.6ft x 31.6ft (9.63m x 9.63m)

These approximations are all larger than the Imperial (foot) equivalents, except for the 30cm square which is about 7% smaller than an imperial square foot.



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