Pewter has been in use in Scotland since ancient times, because it possesses a unique combination of qualities. It retains its sheen, is hardwearing and is incredibly flexible to work with, making it the ideal material for crafting beautiful designs. It’s therefore no surprise that pewter has been in continuous use since the Bronze Age and is one of the world’s oldest manufacturing industries.


  • Crafted from solid Pewter alloy
  • Hand Made by skilled pewter craftsmen
  • 1 Pint (1/2 Litre) capacity
  • Jacobean Style with intricate details
  • Diamond engraved with your message
  • Supplied in carton box


We offer an engraving service, Engrave with a personal message to make your gift extra special. Each piece will be engraved by a skilled engraver, centralised and in proportion to the tankard. Diamond engraving is used to create a really beautiful lasting finish.

Choose your text for engraving when adding to basket. We suggest you use the full name and Title. Please double check the text for any mistakes and capital letters before confirming, as it will be engraved exactly as you request.


Wentworth Pewter is a family-owned business, founded by skilled pewter craftsman, Arthur Richard Wentworth, in 1949.


Each item has been lovingly handcrafted, one piece at a time, and is the hallmark of quality, heritage and craftsmanship. You can see and feel the difference by the weight, finish and polish of every piece.


Pieces by Wentworth Pewter have featured in Hollywood movies and in some of the world’s most iconic stores including Tiffany’s and Liberty’s. They choose Wentworth Pewter for quality, tradition and to give someone special a gift to treasure for a lifetime.


Pewter is an alloy of tin, copper and antimony. It does not contain any Lead. It is food and drink safe.


Tankards come with company marks on the base a sign of authenticity.


Your pewter gift will retain its lustrous finish with the minimum of care. If it has become dull, simply clean with a metal polish before you wash it. Always polish in straight lines for the best results. Wash it by hand in hot soapy water and dry it with a soft cloth. We do not recommend using a dishwasher as this can damage the metal.

Pewter Tankard, 1 Pint (1/2 Litre) Jacobean Style


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