Top 10 Most Original Birthday Present Ideas in 2024

Birthdays are not just about candles on a cake. They’re an opportunity to surprise your loved one and create memories. Go beyond the conventional this year with an original present that your loved one will adore. Here are 10 of the most original birthday present ideas.

  • A Lordship title pack
  • Give your loved one a surprise they’ll never forget by gifting them the right to become a Lord. By purchasing a small, affordable square of land in Scotland, your loved one will be able to adopt the Lord title for the rest of their life.

  • A culinary experience
  • From the peak of fine dining to everyday foods, a culinary experience is one your loved one will enjoy. Learn the secret to the perfect pasta, a tasty stir fry or the art of spices. Choose a cuisine that your friend or family member will love.

  • A DIY terrarium kit
  • If your loved one is into gardening, a DIY terrarium kit is the perfect gift. Not only are they visually appealing they also provide therapeutic benefits, helping your family member or friend to unwind with their own mini ecosystem.

  • A star
  • With several companies offering star-naming services, this is a gift that will stay with your loved one for a lifetime. Complete with a certificate and co-ordinates, they’re smile will shine as bright as their star when they open your gift.

  • A personalised photo album
  • What better way to show how much you value your loved one than with a photo album filled with your favourite memories together? Just imagine the joy and laughter as you reminisce about times gone by.

  • A virtual reality experience
  • Transport your loved one into the future with a virtual reality experience. From the beautiful beaches of Australia to the mountain tops in Canada, they’ll love to immerse themselves in another world.

  • A day of adventure
  • Plan a day of adventure for you and your loved one to enjoy together. From hot air balloon rides to a wine-tasting afternoon, you can fill the day with all of their favourite things. A truly unforgettable day.

  • An ancestry kit
  • If your friend is curious about their family history, an ancestry kit is a great gift. They can discover their genetic make-up and history to understand more about their roots and family. One they won’t see coming but are sure to love.

  • A monthly subscription
  • Why limit your loved one’s birthday to just the day? Treat them all year long with a monthly subscription that is catered to their preferences. From coffee subscriptions to book deliveries, the anticipation and excitement will remain month after month.

  • A personalised comic book
  • Bring your loved one’s story to life with a comic book that stars them as the main character. Recreate a memorable moment from their past or let your imagination run wild with exciting adventures. There’s no better way to capture their uniqueness on paper.

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