Top 6 Original Gift Ideas for Girlfriends in 2024

Choosing that perfect present for your girlfriend requires thought and consideration. This year, step away from the ordinary with a unique and original gift that goes beyond the conventional. Here are our 6 top gift ideas that your girlfriend won’t see coming to help you ace your gift-giving in 2024.

  • A Ladyship title pack
  • If you want a gift that will completely take your girlfriend by surprise, a Ladyship title pack is perfect. By purchasing a small, affordable piece of land on a Scottish estate, your girlfriend will receive the rights to use the Lady title. And the best part? You don’t even need to step foot in the country to make your purchase. It can be done from the comfort of your own home. A convenient gift idea for you, and a guaranteed win for your girlfriend.

  • A personalised scrapbook
  • For a romantic gift idea that will show your girlfriend how much she means to you, why not create a personalised scrapbook filled with photos, memorabilia and love letters? Sentimental and timeless, your girlfriend can look back through time and time again. Whether you look through together and reminisce over the memories you’ve made together, or your girlfriend looks over when you’re apart, this idea is sure to be a winner.

  • A gift hamper
  • If you can’t settle on one gift idea for your girlfriend, combine all of her favourite things into a hamper. Combine smaller items such as her favourite chocolate alongside larger items such as tickets to a concert to really showcase how well you know her. She’ll enjoy the showering of presents and feel like she is truly seen by you. The perfect gift for all budgets and all occasions in 2024.

  • A personalised constellation map
  • A great gift idea that will surely take your girlfriend by surprise is a personalised constellation map. Capture a screenshot of the night sky on a particular date to encapsulate the moment forever. Choose a date that is special to your relationship such as the day you made it official or one that she holds dear such as her birthday. If she loves sentimental gifts, this idea will surely be well received.

  • A monthly subscription
  • Ensure that the celebrations don’t end with a monthly subscription to a service that your girlfriend would love. From coffee subscriptions to plant subscriptions, there are plenty of services available for you to cater to your girlfriend’s preferences. Then, month on month as the next delivery arrives, she’ll remember the thoughtfulness of your gift.

  • A cocktail-making kit
  • Gift your girlfriend a cocktail-making kit for endless fun. With no limit she can make her favourite cocktails time and time again, perfecting her skills as she goes. Cocktails or mocktails, she can either make traditional classics or create her own concoctions. From a girls' night in to a date night with you, the kit will serve her well for years to come.

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