How to Become a Lord in America

Coined nearly a thousand years ago, the Lord title is recognised around the world. The nobility and the instant respect are desired by many but achieved by few, generally because it’s assumed that acquiring the title is rare. How often do you come across Lord on a list of titles when filling in a form and wondered exactly how it’s acquired? Perhaps you have a desire to utilise the title but this hasn’t come to fruition.

Traditionally, the title was associated with higher nobles. Anyone with a rank higher than a Sir had the right to use the title. It could be achieved through marriage or through the purchase of an estate from an existing Lord. And in present times, it can be utilised by someone who is a member of the House of Lords. But contrary to most beliefs, acquiring the Lord title and the respect that comes therewith doesn’t have to be hard.

Continue reading to discover exactly how to become a lord in the US.

Becoming a Lord in America Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Let’s be honest, earning the Lord title through the traditional methods would be difficult, time consuming and involve a lot of ongoing responsibility. But rest assured in modern times, there’s a much easier way to utilise the title without the ongoing hardship and stress.

The solution? Simply purchase a small patch of land in Scotland.

By owning as little as one square foot of an estate in Scotland, you will become a Laird in Scotland. And with no direct translation into modern English, the closest title is Lord or Lady. So you’ll be able to receive a Lordship without the cost, without the responsibility and without any ongoing duties.

It must be noted however that acquiring the Lord title through these means won’t give you the privileges associated with the Lord title. Unfortunately, it won’t bring access to the House of Lords, you won’t inherit a stately manner or estate and it won’t bring nationwide respect. But you will be able to show off your new title to your family, friends and work colleagues and walk with an extra spring in your step.

Purchasing Your Lordship is Quick, Easy and Affordable

In modern times, there is a quick, easy and affordable way to purchase your Lordship. And the best part? You don’t even have to step foot in Scotland to purchase your slice of Scottish land. So you are able to utilise the Lord title to your heart’s content without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Just imagine the respect of your loved ones as you reintroduce yourself as a Lord. Dinner parties will never be the same again.

Get started today by purchasing your piece of land through Scotland Titles. With a range of affordable packs from as little as one square foot of land, you can easily obtain the Lord title for yourself or as a gift. So what are you waiting for? Your new title awaits!  


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