You will legally own land in Scotland, and can adopt the Scottish title of "Laird", or the closest English translations which are "Lord" and "Lady".


Title : You may style yourself as Lord, Lady, or Laird. In Scotland, Laird is the traditional title of respect given to land owners. Laird is a Scottish word, and can refer both a man or woman. The closest English translations are Lord and Lady. Please tell us your preference when filling out the 'Name' box during your order.


Land : Land in the Scottish Highlands, located in Glencoe. We will provide you with a certificate of ownership for your land, which is a binding contract. You will legally own your land and enjoy a personal right to it. You can pass this down for future generations to inherit. There is no land tax in Scotland, you will not be required to pay anything in future.  


Personalised Certificate : Certificate of Sale and Disposition detailing land ownership, the location of your land, and your new title. Couples may have both names on one certificate.


Tartan : Permission to proudly wear our Scottish Tartan


Master Title Deed : Contains the forms to help you officially change your name and title to include Laird, Lord or Lady. Please provide any middle names in full (not just initials). We also provide guidance notes to help you execute the documents correctly.


Digital Pack : Every Title Pack order receives a Digital Pack including your personalised Certificate of Sale and Disposition, Master Title Deed, and Information Booklet, and email you a link to download.


Optional Gift Pack : You have the option to also order a physical Gift Pack which we will print and ship to you, or send direct to your chosen recipient.


Visit your Land : We can help you to arrange to visit your land in the Scottish Highlands


Scottish Title Pack with Land Ownership

Land in Scotland
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